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Fort Myers Reverse Mortgage Lender

Fort Myers Reverse Mortgage Lenders in Florida

Citizens Lending Group has been among Florida’s most respected reverse mortgage lenders for years because of our work educating seniors about the freedoms and options available to them in retirement. Of all Fort Myers reverse mortgage lenders, Citizens Lending Group is among the most dedicated to making sure our customers are in the best possible financial position no matter what they decide.

Contact us today to dispel any of your unanswered questions and to learn more about Fort Myers reverse mortgage requirements.

Important Information About a Fort Myers Reverse Mortgage

As one of the most respected Fort Myers reverse mortgage lenders, we pride ourselves on providing accurate and concise information to all of our clients in order to help them make the best decisions for their specific situations. Therefore, we encourage Florida seniors to use our website to learn all about reverse mortgages before making a decision that impacts your financial future.

While not right for everyone, many Fort Myers reverse mortgage borrowers find that they are in a better situation borrowing against their home with this type of loan than they are with other types of credit available. For starters, a reverse mortgage is built for retirees and is only legally available to borrowers 62 or older. This means these loans are shaped specifically for individuals who are in or near retirement, and that they are designed to meet their unique financial needs. That is to say, there are many protections in place for senior borrowers.

Reverse Mortgage Lenders in Fort Myers, FL

For example, a Fort Myers reverse mortgage is tied to the equity you have in your home and is a federally insured loan. This means that when you repay the loan, you will never have to repay more than the home is worth. Because your loan is tied to equity, you also may have more money available to you than you realize which makes this loan a more cost effective option compared to other lines of credit.

It is also worth noting that you are not required to sell your home under the terms of a Fort Myers reverse mortgage. While all reverse mortgages require that you repay the loan when you are no longer living in the home as your primary residence, you or your heirs are able to pay the loan out of pocket if you wish to leave your home to your family. Many retirees opt to leave the home to their families and have the family pay the outstanding loan balance. The options are yours and they need not be a burden to your family if you plan your finances and priorities carefully.

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When making important financial decisions, Floridians deserve to have the best information about reverse mortgages, and Citizens Lending Group is here to provide it. We want all of our borrowers to be confident in whatever financial decision they make, and we believe that education is the key. Contact us today to learn more about Fort Myers reverse mortgage requirements and to find out if this tool is the right option for financing your retirement.


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