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Jacksonville Reverse Mortgage Lender

Jacksonville Reverse Mortgage Lenders in Florida

Citizens Lending Group has been a trusted and respected Florida reverse mortgage provider for years. Customers rely on Citizens Lending Group to be their Jacksonville reverse mortgage lender because of our dedication to educating the public and helping our customers make the best decisions for their retirement.

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Learn About Jacksonville Reverse Mortgages

Many retirees in Florida are unsure of the advantages and disadvantages that come with a reverse mortgage. One reason for this is that other Jacksonville reverse mortgage lenders may intentionally skew some information to make the process confusing only to their benefit. In reality, these loans are simple, safe, and designed to help you live a better life in retirement. However, like all financial products it is important to be adequately educated about the process before making any commitment. As you learn all about reverse mortgages, you can make the best decision, not just for yourself, but for your family as well.

Reverse Mortgage Lenders in Jacksonville, FL

Jacksonville reverse mortgage requirements actually include a number of protections for consumers and banks alike despite what you may have heard in some reports. For example, only seniors aged 62 and older can qualify the loans, and they must be able to demonstrate that they are able to pay all of their other costs of living from their fixed income or retirement plan before being eligible for a loan. This protects the bank from a borrower who cannot repay, and it protects the lender from a bank offering you a loan they cannot really afford.

Additionally, a Jacksonville reverse mortgage is tied not just to the value of your home, but to the equity you have. Jacksonville reverse mortgage borrowers are often surprised by the amount of money available to them through this type of loan. Retirees sometimes believe that a reverse mortgage is somehow tied to the price they paid for their home. If that was many years ago, the amount they are imagining does not go far today. However, because the value of the loan is tied to equity, the loan you are eligible for goes up with the housing market. This means your loan could even pay for expenses like home remodels and major surgeries or medical bills.

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Making the best decisions about your retirement in the great state of Florida requires careful planning and adequate information. That is why Citizens Lending Group is here to help. Contact us today to learn from our experts about Jacksonville reverse mortgage requirements and to find out if a reverse mortgage loan is right for you.


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