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Having the right information as you make decisions in retirement is the best step you can take to ensure your financial security. Citizens Lending Group has been trusted in California for years by San Bernardino reverse mortgage borrowers for providing clear and accurate information about the best financial choices seniors can make when it comes to reverse mortgages. We want to help everyone we cross paths with to become educated about the resources available to them in retirement.

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Useful Information for San Bernardino Reverse Mortgage Borrowers

A reverse mortgage is a unique type of credit available only to seniors over the age of 62 that is meant to help provide financial security without increasing cost of living in retirement.

San Bernardino reverse mortgage borrowers are often surprised to learn how much equity they have in their homes and how much they can get from a reverse mortgage. Trustworthy reverse mortgage lenders will help you determine how much your home is worth and how much of that can be translated into a reverse mortgage to help cover unexpected expenses.


How Reverse Mortgages Work 

Unlike more conventional forms of credit, a reverse mortgage does not require monthly payments and cannot be closed if you do not use the line of credit available to you. This makes a reverse mortgage one of the best options available to seniors as their financial situations often require money to be ready when they least expect it and because they cannot afford an increase in their cost of living. San Bernardino reverse mortgage borrowers often use these loans to help cover medical expenses without the high costs of borrowing money using a personal loan.

Other San Bernardino reverse mortgage borrowers may use these loans for a reverse mortgage purchase which enables them to buy a new home closer to family or one that is better for their mobility.

No matter the case, a reverse mortgage is only due when you sell the home you have the mortgage on or are no longer living there full time. You will never have to make a monthly payment, so you do not have to worry about stretching your fixed income any further. A reverse mortgage is designed to make it easier to get by, not harder. Qualified San Bernadino reverse mortgage lenders can help you make the most of this information.


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Knowing all about reverse mortgages is the best first step to take when making plans for your financial future, and we are here to help. Citizens Lending Group has been trusted in California for years. Give us the opportunity to show you why.

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