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Reverse Mortgage Lenders in PA, CA, and FL

At Citizens Lending Group, our staff has a combined 50+ years in the loan industry of California, Florida, & Pennsylvania. We now specialize as reverse mortgage loan officers for senior citizens, though our experience includes everything from commercial loans and traditional home loans to Veterans Administration loans and FHA loans.

Our primary goal is consumer education. In our work, we emphasize providing reliable reverse mortgage information and take the extra steps to answer the most important questions for every one of our clients.

While gathering information is one of the most important steps in the reverse mortgage lending process, there is another key element that should never be missing: trust.

California, Pennsylvania, and Florida Reverse Mortgage Lenders

Consumers give us some of the highest recommendations among California, Florida, and Pennsylvania reverse mortgage loan officers, and our rating with the Consumer Business Alliance is AAA. We know that these great reviews are thanks to our honest, caring, and dedicated staff. Contact one of our representatives today to learn more about reverse mortgage requirements and to find out if a reverse mortgage is the right choice for you.

Expert Reverse Mortgage Loan Officers: Our Owners

  • Lance Schultz brings 25 years of experience to Citizens Lending Group, having worked with all types of loans: conventional, commercial, VA, FHA. His background includes a degree in economics, an MBA, and excellent customer ratings during his time with a large home-building company.

Contact Lance:
Direct - (800) 443-4043
Cell - (714) 404-7883
Fax - (877) 679-0894
Email - [email protected]

  • Jeff Krolosky also brings extensive experience to Citizens Lending Group. He has been a real estate broker in Orange County, California for 25 years. His background includes experience as a reverse mortgage loan officer, and facilitating all types of loans. His dedication to customers has helped Citizens Lending Group receive its AAA rating.

Contact Jeff:
Direct - (800) 480-6828
Cell - (714) 343-2643
Fax - (877) 679-0894
Email - [email protected]

Our Reverse Mortgage Loan Officers

  • Paul Ruttan has 15 years in mortgage experience and is a reverse mortgage specialist. He also has extensive experience in refinancing and purchase loans to help keep clients out of foreclosure and help seniors live a better life in their retirement years, by utilizing the HECM/Reverse Mortgage Program.

Contact Paul:
Direct - (800) 991-0793
Cell - (714) 420-4241
Fax - (877) 679-0894
Email - [email protected]

  • Steve Haskell has 15 years professional experience in financial services, with a focus on Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM) for the past 8 years. This type of mortgage allows homeowners to use the value in their home as tax-free funds. Steve concentrates on showing homeowners how to use the program to purchase a new home and never make a payment.

Contact Steve:
Direct - (800) 957-1979
Cell - (714) 305-9222
Fax - (877) 679-0894
Email - [email protected]

  • Leslie Heid has been in the mortgage industry for over 3 years. She specializes in Reverse Mortgages because she loves Seniors and is passionate about their right to enjoy retirement. When not spending time with her wonderful husband, Leslie plays Bridge and enjoys math puzzles. She even runs non-profit dedicated to teaching the game of Bridge to the next generation.

Contact Leslie:
Toll Free - (800) 399-1682
Cell - (562) 774-4112
Fax - (877) 577-7887
Email - [email protected]

  • Nick do Carmo has 6 years experience originating mortgage loans and supervising loan officers nationwide.

Contact Nick:
Direct - (888) 576-5959
Cell - (714) 801-0976
Fax - (877) 679-0894
Email - [email protected]

  • Bill Simmons brings over 40 years of experience in the construction industry. As a reverse mortgage specialist he is dedicated to helping seniors stay in their homes and live a stress free life.

Contact Bill:
Direct - (800) 443-4042
Cell - (714) 404-7883
Fax - (877) 679-0894
Email - [email protected]

Learn More About What Makes Us Reverse Mortgage Experts You Can Trust

Reverse Mortage Lenders in CA, FL, & PA

As some of the most experienced reverse mortgage loan officers, our professional experience totals more than 50 years in the loan industry in California, Florida, and Pennsylvania including working with traditional loans, commercial loans, FHA loans and Veterans Administration loans. However, our passion is in reverse mortgages, and we focus our efforts as reverse mortgage loan officers on loans for seniors 62 years old and older.

If you would like to learn more and find out if a reverse mortgage is right for you, we urge you to contact one of our professional reverse mortgage loan officers today to discuss this important financial decision. Remember, our goal is to educate you and provide the best information available. Only when you truly understand how this financial transaction works can you make an informed decision.

Contact us, your expert reverse mortgage loan officers in California, Pennsylvania, and Florida, today to learn more about reverse mortgages!


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