How To Use Reverse Mortgage Calculators

How to Use Reverse Mortgage Calculators

Citizens Lending Group firmly believes that our clients should be educated about the entire reverse mortgage process. As with all financial decisions, the decision to take a reverse mortgage loan requires careful consideration. Therefore, reverse mortgage calculators are an important tool when finding out what is right for you.

If you live in California, contact us today to learn more about reverse mortgage requirements or use our reverse mortgage calculator to find the value of your loan.

All About Reverse Mortgage Calculators

A major factor when weighing the reverse mortgage pros and cons is knowing how much you can really get from the equity of your home. It is important to understand and consider how much the money that you can get from a reverse mortgage) will support you. For example, you may need more than is available based on your needs, or you may not need to borrow as much as is available, meaning you could possibly borrow the money at a lower cost with other loans. Reverse mortgage calculators can help you figure this out.

A reverse mortgage is based on your home equity, so understanding that number is an important first step in the process. From there, reverse mortgage calculators can show you the amount that you can legally be loaned. These tools work by asking you for input about your current financial situation such as your current outstanding mortgage and the value of your home. You also may need to enter your age to use these tools, as the age of the youngest borrower will have an impact on your loan amount. All of these factors and others are used to determine the amount you can borrow for a real reverse mortgage. The more information you put in, the more accurate your estimate.

You can use the information gathered from a reverse mortgage calculator to help you determine if a reverse mortgage will completely cover the needs you had planned to pay for with it. Keep in mind that reverse mortgage calculators are not 100% accurate so if your numbers are close you should call a licensed professional like those available at Citizens Lending Group to get more specific information. Only a one-on-one evaluation and consultation can give you the complete picture of what a reverse mortgage can add to your finances. Reverse mortgage calculators are great for getting a ballpark amount, and great for finding out whether or not this type of loan is an ideal solution for you, but it is still very important to check with a licensed professional before making any final decisions.


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It is important to get the most accurate information available when you are making a decision about reverse mortgages. Reverse mortgage calculators are an important tool in your toolbox to make this decision, but they are no substitute for talking with a licensed professional. In California, contact us at Citizens Lending Group today to learn more about reverse mortgage requirements and how to most accurately forecast what you will need and what you can receive from your home equity with an HECM loan.

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