Reverse Mortgage Loan Right For Your Parents

Signs a Reverse Mortgage Loan Might Be Right for Your Parents

At Citizens Lending Group, we believe in educating all our borrowers and their families about the various financial options available to help make retirement easy. When you have the correct information about the financial options that are best for your parents and your family in general you can make the best decisions. A reverse mortgage loan is not a perfect option for every family and every situation, but it is very valuable to many people for many good reasons.

This list should help you determine if a reverse mortgage loan is a good fit for your parents.

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How to Tell if a Reverse Mortgage Loan is Right for Your Parents

The first step to knowing if a reverse mortgage is right for your parents is understanding how these types of loans work. A reverse mortgage works by allowing your parents to use the equity they have built up in their home after years of making monthly mortgage payments. Unlike other loans, monthly payments are not due on a reverse mortgage. You are only required to pay when your parents leave or sell their home.

Here are some situations where a reverse mortgage loan can be valuable:



If there is the possibility of your parents facing a foreclosure, it may be a good time to learn all about reverse mortgages. A reverse mortgage loan would allow your parents to completely pay off their old mortgage, eliminating the risk of foreclosure and would provide any extra equity directly to them. Because a reverse mortgage requires that your parents prove that their existing income can cover taxes and upkeep, there is no risk that they could still lose the home after the reverse mortgage.


Sudden Health Concerns

When your parents’ health begins to decline, it may do so unexpectedly or include unexpected costs. While there are many different ways to prepare for this situation, not all of them are as flexible as a reverse mortgage loan. Other loans or lines of credit may close if they are not utilized frequently. This could mean that while you wait for a major illness to use the money, the line could close and they might not have access when they do need it. A reverse mortgage never closes and does not require monthly payments like traditional loans do.


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A reverse mortgage loan may be very helpful to your parents in times of need. These loans can help people age gracefully in their homes without undue expenses to their families. Contact us at Citizens Lending Group today if you are looking for a reverse mortgage loan in California. Please reach out to our experts to learn more about reverse mortgage requirements and how Citizens Lending Group can help your parents.

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