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How do Reverse Mortgage Loans Work?

Reverse mortgages can help seniors earn tax free income for retirement. How you use the money is up to you!


What are the Requirements for a Reverse Mortgage Loan?

Reverse mortgages are available to seniors 62 years and older who own and live in their home as their primary residence.

Stanton Reverse Mortgage

It is one thing to study, listen, and try to learn as much as possible about reverse mortgage solutions, but quite another to see the process in front of you in basic terms. Here are a few examples of challenges illustrating how a reverse mortgage can be the right choice. Contact us to learn about these reverse mortgage examples as well as reverse mortgage requirements to help you decide if a reverse mortgage is right for you.

Reverse Mortgage Stanton CA

A Few Common Reverse Mortgage Solutions

Reverse Mortgage Example #1

The Challenge: John Bosworth, 72, is a widower and lives alone in his home. Like some other seniors, John is finding it difficult to keep up with all his expenses and often cannot find the funds to make regular payments. He has a pension and gets Social Security income each month, but still finds things difficult.
The Solution: John contacts a professional and completes the process for a Tax Free* Reverse Mortgage solution. He gets his money in a lump sum and uses it to pay off his current home mortgage. With the additional cash each month thanks to the elimination of his mortgage payment, he can afford his bills and living expenses.

Reverse Mortgage Example #2

The Challenge: Craig Jenkins is 82 and his wife Sylvia Jenkins is 79. Since reverse mortgage solutions are based on the youngest homeowner, Sylvia’s age is used. Since both of them take medication to maintain their health, it is sometimes difficult to come up with the money they need to enjoy the quality of life they desire.
The Solution: Craig and Sylvia obtain a Tax Free* Reverse Mortgage solution and choose the lump sum option. This reverse mortgage solution allows the homeowners to use the proceeds for medications and other important senior healthcare costs and expenses. With the help of this mortgage, they have more financial freedom and less stress.

Reverse Mortgage Example #3

The Challenge: Kathy Tobias, 63, and Rinaldi Tobias, 71, would like to travel around the United States in their RV, but they do not have the extra money in retirement. Gasoline and other travel expenses are too high.
The Solution: Kathy and Rinaldi get a Tax Free* Reverse Mortgage solution, based on Kathy’s age since she is younger. They get the extra cash flow each month to pay for gasoline and maintenance on the RV.

Reverse Mortgage Example #4

The Challenge: Gordon Penilla, 62 and Joanne Penilla, 65, have no major debts. They also have adequate income each month to live as they had planned in retirement. However, they would like to help with a grandchild’s college tuition and need additional funds for this purpose.
The Solution: Gordon and Joanne obtain a Tax Free* Reverse Mortgage line of equity. This reverse mortgage solution allows each grandparent to make a monetary gift to the grandchild. The amount each can gift is determined by current law.


Contact Us for a Customized Reverse Mortgage Solution

For customized reverse mortgage solutions and to learn about reverse mortgage requirements, contact us today! At Citizens Lending Group, we are here to help seniors achieve their financial goals by developing some of the best reverse mortgage solutions on the market.

*Be sure to check with your accountant to verify current tax laws and reverse mortgage tax implications.

Note 1: Proceeds from a reverse mortgage solution are based on age of the youngest homeowner, current interest rates, and amount of home equity.

Note 2: Rates can be locked in for 60 days, measured from the application date to the closing. Rates adjust each week on Tuesday (except federal holidays) and are valid until the next Monday.

Learn More About Reverse Mortgages in California

These are just some of the basics. If you would like to learn more about reverse mortgage requirements and if a reverse mortgage is right for you, we invite you to contact us today.

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Stanton, CA

Stanton is a city in northern Orange County, California, part of the Los Angeles metropolitan area. The population was 37,962 at the 2020 United States Census. The city was incorporated in 1956 and operates under the council–manager form of government, providing a full range of municipal services.

The City of Stanton is located in northwestern Orange County. With a population of more than 39,000 in 3.1 square miles, residents enjoy a small town, close-knit community feeling. The City was incorporated in 1956 and has enjoyed growth and prosperity since that time. The City’s motto – Community Pride and Forward Vision identifies Stanton as a place where innovation and pride in the community are an important aspect of life. Residents enjoy major retail opportunities, active civic volunteers and business-friendly City organizations. Residents benefit from a wide variety of activities and resources provided by the City, including great parks, a family resource center for mental health and family services, annual holiday events and a variety of recreational programs.

Modern Stanton can trace its origins to one of the largest land grants made in California – a concession that covered over 300,000 acres of land. Manuel Perez Nieto, the successful petitioner, found his grant reduced approximately one-half following a protest by the padres of Mission San Gabriel. Upon Manuel Nieto’s death in 1804, his son Juan Jose took title to Rancho Los Coyotes and Rancho Los Alamitos. Following his confirmation of the title to the lands in 1834, then-governor Jose Figueroa proceeded to purchase Rancho Los Alamitos (28,000 acres) from Juan Jose Nieto for $500, or less than 2 cents an acre. He, in turn, sold the Rancho in 1842 to Don Able Stearns for $6,000. Stearns, born in Massachusetts, was one of the first American immigrants to arrive in California in 1829.

In 1906 the Pacific Electric Railway began operations through the area. Within four years the train was so busy that they ran two cars, both ways. The people of Stanton found the Pacific Electric to be a great asset because it gave them a mainline into Los Angeles for business purposes and made it easy for agents of the Stearns Rancho Corporation to bring prospective buyers out to see the land.

Prior to 1911, the community was known as “Benedict,” In that year, the City of Anaheim proposed the creation of a sewage farm in this section of County land. The ranchers of the region reacted sharply to this proposal. With the aid of Philip Stanton, a Republican assemblyman for Los Angeles and former Speaker of the California State Assembly, the 16 square miles that were intended for the contemplated sewage farm territory were incorporated in May 1911.

Stanton remained an incorporated community until 1924. At an election held on July 22, 1924, the voters decided to disincorporate to allow the State to construct roads in the territory. On August 8, 1924, the City Clerk, Della M. Davis, filed disincorporation papers with the Secretary of State. The City did not reincorporate until 1956.

On May 15, 1956 a successful election was held on incorporation. On June 4, 1956, the City of Stanton was officially incorporated under the general law form of government as specified by the State of California. Upon recommendation of the Stanton Women’s Civic Club in October 1959, the Jacaranda was selected as the City Tree, and the Bird of Paradise was selected as its City Flower.

Contests to generate a new City seal and motto were conducted in early 1987. The motto, “Community Pride & Forward Vision” was adopted in March of 1987 and has led the City forward over the last thirty-plus years. The colors selected for the seal each have their unique meaning: dark blue for diligence, gold for abundance and harvest and light blue to represent justice.

On January 24, 1989, Mr. Ard Keuilian of the indoor swap meet of Stanton officially presented to the City of Stanton a duplicate of the Stanton flag they had made which hangs on one of three flagpoles in front of the indoor swap meet building. On January 24, 1989, the City Flag was adopted.

Rodeo 39 Pubic Market located on Beach Blvd, opened in 2020
In recent years, Stanton has experienced rapid growth in the commercial, industrial and residential sectors, creating a well-balanced community. Our Community & Economic Development Department has been extremely successful in improving the quality of life in the City through the revitalization of its commercial and residential areas.

The City of Stanton, a municipal corporation, operates under the Council-Manager form of government and provides a full range of quality municipal services through its various operating departments and contracted services. As such, every citizen in the City is a stakeholder entitled to be heard on City issues.

Stanton is 11.5 miles from Huntington Beach.

Stanton is 12.3 miles from Bellflower.

Stanton is 33.9 miles from Home Gardens.

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